Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Despicable Me - Minions Bento Tutorial

Hi everyone! So I've been really excited about the new Despicable Me 2 Movie that is coming out and I decided to do a Despicable Me Minions Bento today! This was inspired by Tian Min Lim who is a fellow member over at Culinary Kitchenette which is an Fb group filled with the most loving, kind and AMAZING homebakers and cooks ever. Seriously, if you enjoy cooking/ baking or if you are like me and a total noob, you should check out the fb page because you can ask them things like HOW TO CHOP AN ONION and they wouldn't laugh at you. Instead they would reply with so much love and patience (which side should I turn the onion?) that it'll evoke more tears than the onion. (hehheh) Also, their bakes are seriously fantastic and most of them are full time working moms etc and yet them manage to churn out all these scrumptious creations. Absolutely inspiring, I say!( If you just want the recipes/ pictures, you can also just check out

1 cup rice
2 hard boiled eggs
Seaweed sheets
1/2 head of broccoli
1 carrot
Ham (optional)
Fillings for the rice balls (optional)


1. Cook eggs till hardboiled. Peel and separate yolks from whites.
2. In a bowl, mash yolk and rice until incorporated and rice has turned yellow.
3. On a piece of cling wrap, scoop a handful of rice and press down on the cling wrap
4. Add fillings of choice or leave plain. Over here, I placed a piece of fried chicken and several eggwhites but it made a fat and ugly minion so I took out the eggwhite. Other suggestions include mixed eggs, mushrooms, vegetables, fish, minced meat or half a nugget/ karaage.
5. Place another layer of rice over the fillings and mold the rice into an oval.
6. Make 2. I know one of the minions is supposed to be skinnier but I couldn't fit my karaage inside so both my minions are short and fat. haha
7. Cut seaweed into an 'I' shape.
8. 'Diaper' the minion like how you would diaper a baby. Stick the seaweed down with a dab of water. Don't worry if you cut your seaweed too small or it starts to crack, wherever it cracks, you can patch it up with little pieces of wet seaweed- not noticeable at all!
9. Make two!

10. On a piece of ham, use a small bottle cap to make eyes or draw freehand with a toothpick
11. Place on 'minion'
12. Using a smaller bottle cap, poke out another eye using the leftover eggwhites
13. Cut/ punch out round circles from your seaweed for eyes
14. Cut/ punch out little strips for mouth

15. Place in lunchbox and fill with your favourite vegetables.

And there you have it- Your minion bento! :)



  1. Hi Gracie,
    Chanced upon this blog of yours after looking at photos of your minion bento on Facebook. And I must say, you're doing an awesome job here! Being a health-conscious person myself, I find it v.hard to keep up as I get older / busier etc etc etc. The information you share is really useful :) keep it up! I look forward to reading your space regularly! :)


  2. Hi Naseem! Thank you for your sweet comment! Here's to health and happiness for both of us! <3

  3. Your picture of the Minions is quite famous now ! You can find it on a lot of websites (few french websites, that's how I discovered it) but there where no link to your article. So I ran a google request and you where in the top of the results.

    I'm glad I found your post, your minions are very cute !

    btw did you know that in french, the word "mignon" (pronounced the same as "minion") means "cute" ? ^^

    1. Hi Eygel! So nice of you to drop by and let me know! Are you French by the way? I never knew. This is not something they teach in fundamental French 101 classes at college. Haha! So a filet mignon is a small cute filet, aye? So interesting! :)

  4. The minions are soooo cute!!!


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